What is Quantum Physics Engineering?

Quantum physics is relatively young, but rapidly developing field of physics studying the nature and peculiar properties of interaction between elementary particles constituting the basis of our world. The Department of Quantum Physics Engineering belonging to Faculty of Engineering and Graduate School of Engineering of Kyushu University have been newly established in 2021 with the goal to foster young generation of scientist and engineers who will challenge the utilization of quantum physics in development of novel and advanced technology for our society.

The advancement of technology in modern world have surpassed the scope of classical physics already. The development of semiconductors and superconductors technology, advanced measurement techniques using accelerators and electron microscopes, medical applications using radiation and particle beams, energy generation technology using nuclear fusion and fission, solar energy generation and energy storage technology, all these areas have enriched our lives, and all of them relies on the fundamental principles of quantum physics. To move further towards smart, more energy efficient and environmentally friendly society we need new, even more cutting-edge technology based on radical use of newest quantum physics advancements.

If you are the one who wants to contribute to the new engineering field of future, join our Department, and study the fundamental of quantum physics and engineering, grow yourselves, envision the new concepts, and open the new era of quantum technologies.



In the beginning of 20th century physicists were fascinated to found that most of the things surrounding us (both matter and radiation) have both particle and wave duality. The light may behave as a wave and at the same time as flux of particles (photons). The electrons which are thought initially as being particles turn out to have wave properties. In physics the smallest entity which exhibits such duality is called ‘quantum’ (‘quanta’ for plural).

Electrons, X-rays, neutrons, and even elementary particles as muons and quarks are quanta. The flux of quanta having high energy are called quantum beams and are indispensable in studying the properties of matter in modern physics. As literally everything around us consists of quantum particles understanding of quantum physics is very important for technology advancements.