• Research Group

Research Group

Applied Nuclear Physics

Ikeda/Uozumi Group

Ikeda/Uozumi Group
Nuclear Physics and Engineering
  • Radiation Detection and Measurement
  • Online Measurement and Data Analysis
  • Nuclear Theory and Simulation
Development of New Type of Accelerators
  • Accelerator and Beam Science
  • Beam Diagnostics
  • Electromagnetic Analysis and Beam-tracking Simulation
  • Study of Fixed Field Alternating-gradient (FFA) Accelerator

Watanabe/Iyomoto Group

Iyomoto Group
Development of advanced quantum measurement technology
  • Development of high energy resolution γ-ray detector
  • Application of properties of matter in ultra low temperature below 1K
  • Application of properties of superconductor
  • Fabrication of microcalorimeter detetctor
Radiation Behavior in matter
  • Secondary neutron analysis from nuclear reaction
  • Advanced radiation shielding of acclerator facilities
  • Extension of nuclear reacation database
Radiation applications in medical and Industry
  • Real-time dosimetry during radiotherapy treatment
  • Neutron measurements in Boron Neutron Capture Therapy
  • Radiation measurements in decommissioning process of nuclear facilities

Nuclear Energy System

Morita/Liu Group

Morita/Liu Group
Thermal-hydraulic phenomena in severe accidents of nuclear reactors
  • Clarification of damaged core and source term behaviors under severe accident conditions
  • Development of technology for numerical simulation of multicomponent multiphase flow phenomena
  • Validation and sophistication of reactor safety analysis codes
Next-generation nuclear reactor systems with enhanced safety features
  • Development of passive safety systems to prevent severe accidents
  • Clarification of two-phase flow phenomena related to safety design of nuclear reactors
  • Clarification of thermal-hydraulic phenomena and development of mechanistic models for IVR (In-Vessel Retention) of core melts

Fujimoto/Matsuura Group

Fujimoto/Matsuura Group
Research of nuclear reactor system of next generation
  • Research of reactor physics for high temperature gas-cooled reactors
  • Research of innovative nuclear reactor systems
Nuclear characteristics of the fusion reactor / Application of the fission reactor
  • Influence of the nuclear elastic scattering on the performance of the nuclear fusion reactor
  • Study on the tritium production for fusion reactors using a high-temperature gas-cooled reactor

Quantum Sciences of Materials

Yasuda Group

Matsumura/Yasuda Group
Atomic level analysis and physical properties of materials
  • Atomic state of metal nanoparticles and exhaust gas purification / methane conversion catalyst function
  • Radiation effects and microstructure stability of metals and ceramics under energetic particle radiation
  • Nanostructure and local state analysis of materials using synchrotron radiation
Development of novel electron microscopy
  • Development of high-resolution/high-sensitivity electron microscopy for atomic scale analysis
  • Development of “in-situ” observation/spectroscopy techniques for the analysis of radiation-induced defects

Murakami/Aso Group

Murakami/Aso Group
Materials characterizations by using electron, as a typical quantum probe
  • Imaging of electromagnetic field based on electron-phase analysis
  • Improvement of sensitivity in electron microscopy: application of AI and information science
  • Analysis of magnetic nanostructures
  • In situ high resolution observation of working metal electrode surfaces
  • Local structure and strain analysis of transition metal oxide heterointerfaces
  • Characterizations of electrode/solid electrolyte interfaces for solid state ionics materials

Inagaki Group

Idemitsu/Inagaki Group
Research and development of next generation nuclear fuels
  • Evaluation of physico-chemical properties of actinide and lanthanide oxides at ultra-high temperature
  • Development of nano/micro measurement techniques for high temperature melts
Research and development on Nuclear Wastes Management
  • Evaluation of Long-Term Corrosion of High-Level Nuclear Waste Glass
  • Understanding of Migration Behavior of Radioactive Nuclides under Geological Disposal Conditions
  • Assessment of Long-Term Performance of Geological Disposal of High-Level Nuclear Wastes
  • Development of Treatment Methods for High Dose Adsorbent Wastes Generated from decommissioning of Fukushima 1F

Applied Physics

Tanaka Group

Tanaka Group
New surface 2D materials & Electronic structures
  • Growth of graphene and novel 2D materials, study their electronic states
  • New material synthesis in 2D confinement (e.g. interface intercalation)
  • Nanostructures of 2D materials (e.g. nanoribbon, ripples, edge)
  • Moiré graphene by direct transfer
  • Calculation of electronic states (DFT, tight-binding)
Wide-gap semiconductor surfaces and interfaces
  • SiC nano-surfaces and their relation to electronic device characteristics

Kawae Group

Kawae Group
Experimental study of many-body quantum phenomena in condensed matter
  • Investigation of low temperature properties on strongly correlated electron systems
  • Quantum phenomena of hydrogen in metals, e.g., tunneling of hydrogen, superconductivity and magnetism in palladium hydride, hydrogen impurity effects on superconducting Josephson current
  • Investigation of ground state properties in frustrated and low-dimensional magnetic systems
Development of new technique for studying very low temperature properties of condensed matter
  • Development of highly sensitive magnetometer for very low temperature measurements
  • Development of point contact spectrometer for very low temperature measurements

Ishida/Okabe Group

Hara/Okabe Group
Fundamental research using polymers and liquid crystals aiming to realize better global environment
  • Functional polymer materials for environment purification and for resource collection from sea water
  • Soft actuator using liquid crystal elastomer
  • Measurement of ultraweak chemiluminescence in response to environment
  • Fundamental properties of convective phenomena using liquid crystal convection as a model

Tada Group

Tada Group
Computational materials science
  • Designing of nanoscale devices by quantum transport calculations
  • Designing of electrochemical devices by multi-scale simulations
  • Development of new algorithm for large-scale systemst
Quantum computing
  • Designing of quantum computing devices
  • Development of quantum algorithm for effective applications by quantum computers